Truth Search Consulting: Legal Nurse Consultant            
Connie Spann RN, LNC: Medical and Legal Consulting      


Truth Search Consulting offers services to Insurance Companys, plaintiff and defense Attorneys regarding medical issues.


1. Identify and review medical records for merit.
2. Conduct medical and legal literature research.
3. Define adherence to applicable standards of care.
4. Organize and tab medical records.
5. Locate expert witnesses.
6. Assist in preparing depositions, interrogatories, graphs, trial preparation documents.
7. Prepare chronology and timeline of events associated with individual and case.
8. Apply hospital policies to case.
9. Interface with other healthcare providers, insurance companies, workman's comp, and social security.
10. Identify causation factors contributing to injury, disease, or illness.

Connie Spann RN, LNC

Member of American Association of Legal Nurse Consultants
AALNC   Areas of Expertise: Adult
Oncology: Gastrointestinal, Thoracic
Intervenous Therapy: TPN, IV's, and implantable access devices
Surgical Procedures: preparation, consent, procedure, and recovery
Wound Care: packing and closure
Diagnostic Procedures: radiology and invasive procedures

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